The World’s End Market

iiko POS restaurant management system is helping The World’s End Market to thrive in London’s competitive restaurant scene.

Located on the famous King’s Road in Chelsea, The World’s End Market offers an innovative but relaxed dining experience, with healthy food and friendly service. The restaurant is housed in a Grade 2 listed building, with dining provided on three levels, each with its own character. The World’s End Market was chosen as Best Local Bar Winner in the London Club & Bar Awards 2018.

With iiko, the restaurant has a big advantage over competitors in the capital.

Managers value the quick access to business data and sales insights that that iiko offers. Employees love the system for its simple, intuitive tools. And the easy-to-use interface also makes it quick to train new team members.

1. Sales

The restaurant has found the Point of Sale to be absolutely intuitive — and the upselling, loyalty and marketing tools have been of great value to the business.

2. Management

iiko has simplified and perfected many aspects of day-to-day operations for the restaurant, including menus and inventory control.

3. Insights

iiko’s simple-to-understand reporting tools and dashboards have provided the forecasting, prep plans and other capabilities the restaurant needed.

How the World’s End Market rates iiko…

“Overall, iiko has been completely intuitive. It’s ultra fast to take orders, run our daily operations and get valuable data to help our business. I’d gladly recommend iiko to friends across the industry.”

Iryna, Manager of The World’s End Market