Takeaway food delivery offers a much needed lifeline – industry stats reveal

A week before COVID-19 lockdown, food delivery surged by +57% as people adhered to social distancing advice and swapped dining out for takeaway delivery.

During lockdown, there was an initial slump in takeaway deliveries, due to fears around food carrying the virus and the loss of office deliveries.

Several weeks on, people are turning to comfort food in the form of deliveries, with an increase from an average of 2.1 times/week to 2.3 times/week.

In terms of overall sector volume, the absence of big brands such as McDonalds and Wagamama has contributed to a significant decline, however fast food chains are starting to reopen some sites for delivery.

Takeaway food delivery offers the food and beverage (F&B) industry a much needed lifeline, even if it is unable to compensate for eating-out losses.

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Source: AHDB