Q3 results – iiko Group

Sssh.. Don’t tell our competitors. There’s no need to kick ‘em when they’re down!

Roman Avramov, CEO of iiko, has just announced the groups Q3 results and responses from our founders – and they seem a very happy bunch indeed:

“Terrific work! You guys rock!”

“22% YoY growth in 9 months despite losing almost half revenue in Q2 due to all the extraordinary problems with the pandemic is an exceptional result!”

“Kudos to the team for all the support given to the F&B industry during April and May. Your immediate and thoughtful response to the unprecedented circumstances has strengthened relationships with restaurant operators and laid the foundation for growth!”.

To top it off, they put a spotlight on our rapidly growing UK&I operations:

In less than 2 years of launching iiko in the UK&I market we secured 600+ customers from independents to chains. Also, in the face of an unprecedented pandemic and market depression, iiko Limited achieved profitability in July and August. That’s cool.

A big thank you to all our staff and customers that have supported us.

Finally, from our founders: “This global challenge requires us to rethink how we do everything – from our product strategy, to marketing, distribution, and support. The fundamental shifts in consumer behaviours and the rise of new business models present a unique opportunity to all IT vendors. I am confident iiko’s team has all the capabilities to capitalise on the ongoing digital transformation.”

#iiko movement continues!