Partnership takes Next-Gen restaurant tech to Turkey

iiko’s global growth is continuing — with Turkey becoming the latest marketplace to benefit from Next-Gen restaurant tech.

New partner Technopeak is spearheading business in the country and has already signed its first customer, a thriving 150-seat restaurant and delivery business located in Istanbul.

Technopeak chose to partner with iiko and address the restaurant market in Turkey after an in-depth assessment of the local marketplace.

Estimates suggest country has around 600,000 food and beverage venues, including 34,000 in the middle-to-high tier. However, Technopeak found a significant lack of choice for this audience when it came to restaurant innovation and automation. Large restaurants and chains, including franchised operations, were being held back.

Technopeak chose to partner with iiko after recognising its outstanding technology, successful international expansion, and ability to compete with global IT vendors. With iiko’s transparent SaaS pricing and licensing, Technopeak can also succeed against local legacy competitors.

“Our partnership with Technopeak is great news for both companies,” says Kirill Hudjakov, International Business Development Director at iiko. “As a cloud-based business that operates globally, we can work closely with Technopeak on the ground to reach new businesses quickly. We can also bring international ‘best practice’ to the Turkish market when it comes to deploying tech-driven processes to deliver the maximum benefit to businesses, their customers and employees.”

iiko’s Next-Gen solution and its standout features — including a unified platform, automated daily routines, smart insights and self-driving processes — are now within reach for thousands more venues.

The first in Turkey to benefit from iiko technology deployed by Technopeak is the Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant Fuji. The 150-seat sushi lounge/bar in Istanbul serves dine-in customers as well as running an online/delivery business.

More restaurants look set to follow, as Technopeak gains momentum. The company has a strong reputation as IT partner for international businesses and also has teams based in USA, Canada, Latin America, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Andorra, Spain, Czech Republic and UAE.