Find your edge with iiko

Win more business and earn recurring SaaS commission with iiko Solution Partner Program by offering your customers a unique all-in-one restaurant management solution.

Find your edge with iiko

Win more business and earn recurring SaaS commission with iiko Solution Partner Program by offering your customers a unique all-in-one restaurant management solution.

iiko partner program

Differentiate your business and earn recurring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) commission when you start selling iiko with opportunities to grow your business alongside us.

Unlike traditional EPOS systems, iiko will help your customers grow and scale their business with a unique all-in-one solution that performs a wide range of functions including: all-in-one front of house, real-time inventory management, AI-sales forecasting, suggested and automated purchasing, and real-time actionable insights.

Boost your revenue streams with software and hardware bundling, payments services and an extensible platform with open APIs to integrate your complimentary products to offer a complete solution.

The iiko Partner Program is designed for value-added resellers, consultants, referral partners and any other organisation who works closely with the restaurant industry.

What we offer

Finding early success

The best way to launch any new partnership is to find early joint customer wins. Many new partners use our Thought Leadership messaging and campaigns to position the idea of iiko’s “POS Success” brand attributes with their existing clients, where they already have trusted relationships and have established credibility

Winning new business together

Accredited partners have access to a range of resources and a dedicated support network that is designed to help win customers. You will be assigned a Partner Manager and receive a sales toolkit, demonstration software, and business planning support.

Supporting our joint customers

iiko provides continuous technical support to partners: regular software updates & releases, up-to-date online documentation and information, fixing software errors, and help in solving complex installation problems.

Generating new revenue

There are several types of revenue attached to a new sale of iiko for Partners, subject to their status level: upfront license revenue and recurring licence fees. There are also opportunities for partners to create additional revenues e.g. support fees, supply of POS hardware and maintenance fees, value-added services revenue, payment services revenue and revenue from 3rd party integrations.

Join iiko partner community

iiko is redefining what POS can mean to food and beverage businesses and what value they can expect from it. We enable partners to differentiate their business by offering innovative cloud tech and provide unrivalled support and opportunities to grow their revenue streams.

Solution partners

Solution partners work as an extension of the iiko team and are committed to learning our products and selling POS for their business. We provide you with POS training, access to demo equipment, support and continuing education.

You will create sales opportunities, present the product to a potential customer, close the deal and then submit a sales order to us. We will then deliver the product to the customer and you will support them.

Once the order is processed, you get paid. For every closed sale, you will earn commission on software and hardware margin and ongoing license renewals. You also obtain opportunities for selling value-added services to clients beyond the POS software and hardware transaction.

Referral partners

Referral partners earn a commission based on the total invoice price of the system.

You will identify potential customers and then submit a referral to us. Once the order is processed, you get paid.

We will work with your prospect to develop a solution, configure their system, train them on the software, and provide ongoing support.

You simply collect your referral income and leave the rest to us.

Why iiko?

iiko group has worked with hundreds of partners worldwide since 2007. You will be pleasantly surprised at our open and collaborative approach to achieving sales and customer success.