Introducing the new & improved iiko UI

We’ve been working on a fresh coat of paint for your iiko web back-office UI, and today is the big reveal.

From typography and layout to colour and iconography, you’ll notice a lot of subtle differences throughout the tool.

There’s no need to freak out with the cosmetic changes – you still retain all the great features of iiko, in fact more will be added soon!

Here are 3 good reasons why we are changing the look and feel:

Streamlined Navigation – move faster, work faster

Our newly designed menu system puts everything you need in front of you on the menu bars so everything is easy to see, easy to get to and most importantly leaves more space for your information areas.

Crisp new screen design – naturally intuitive

Bolder colours, larger fonts, increased use of icons, thoughtfully placed content, appropriately sized buttons and more white space makes the newly designed screens, easier to absorb and use. So the system will feel natural to both frequent and infrequent users.

Foundation for future experience – more to come!

The new changes will accommodate the launch of new functionality coming to your iiko web back-office soon and will have additional personalisation!

We’re halfway through the new coat of paint for your iiko back-office UI – it’ll all be consistent soon.

Consistent menu, consistent actions, and consistent look and feel all mean you’ll spend less time thinking about how to do something and more time getting things done!