Infographic shows the scale of soaring delivered food marketplace

Britain is in love with delivered food — ordered online from restaurants and dark kitchens — and all trends point upwards.  We’ve captured the flavour of what’s happening across the UK in a single infographic.

Perhaps one of the most telling statistics is that food delivery is projected to grow at more than three times the rate of on-premise sales towards 2023. This was predicted before the current health emergency accelerated in the UK. But now online ordering habits have become even more embedded.

It’s easy to imagine that one or two food ordering app aggregators control all the market. But this isn’t the case.  Another striking statistic is that more than half of consumers order food directly from a restaurant’s app or website. ‘Middle-men’ are fine and help provide immediate access to the marketplace, but if you can connect and deliver direct with diners, it’s even better—especially in terms of securing greater margin and loyalty.

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