iiko tech support performance Y2021

iiko’s headline performance KPI’s for UK: average response time: 1.56 mins, average close time: 82.77 mins.

iiko Tech Support team have continued to deliver industry-beating standards for Y2021: our average response time was 1.56 mins and average close time was 82.77 mins for the year – and whilst the number of new customers grew significantly, the ratio of support tickets processed fell, which was excellent progress.

See below for our UK support performance week-by-week.

We changed the tracking of one of our key stats ‘average resolution time’ to be even more transparent and accountable to ‘average close time’. The difference being it includes the total time to fix the request and obtain agreement by the customer to close the ticket.

Also, we were delighted by our customers kind TrustPilot reviews. Our overall rating is the highest in the industry: Excellent 4.8.

iiko Tech Support Performance:

Jan 20211-Jan4-Jan11-Jan18-Jan25-Jan
Tickets processed35164167170209
Avge response time (mins)11111
Avge close time (mins)35971214
Feb 20211-Feb8-Feb15-Feb22-Feb
Tickets processed221226190224
Avge response time (mins)1111
Avge close time (mins)72772676

Mar 20211-Mar8-Mar15-Mar22-Mar29-Mar
Tickets processed 293300288358380
Avge response time (mins) 11111
Avge close time (mins) 1129233123
Apr 20215-Apr12-Apr19-Apr26-Apr
Tickets processed569786567573
Avge response time (mins)2422
Avge close time (mins)13165745

May 20213-May10-May17-May24-May
Tickets processed243667717593
Avge response time (mins)2353
Avge close time (mins)326764150

June 202131-May7-Jun14-Jun21-Jun28-Jun
Tickets processed426495503547552
Avge response time (mins)23432
Avge close time (mins)5128401421

July 20215-Jul12-Jul19-Jul26-Jul
Tickets processed551521435441
Avge response time (mins)2123
Avge close time (mins)874474203

Aug 20212-Aug9-Aug16-Aug23-Aug30-Aug
Tickets processed446476422439478
Avge response time (mins)21111
Avge close time (mins)15413111597130

Sep 20216-Sep13-Sep20-Sep27-Sep
Tickets processed481460401498
Avge response time (mins)1111
Avge close time (mins)10295182113

Oct 20214-Oct11-Oct18-Oct25-Oct
Tickets processed416471540543
Avge response time (mins)1111
Avge close time (mins)2129872156

Nov 20211-Nov8-Nov15-Nov22-Nov29-Nov
Tickets processed521429453403464
Avge response time (mins)11121
Avge close time (mins)73110110117127

Dec 20216-Dec13-Dec20-Dec28-Dec
Tickets processed390342251216
Avge response time (mins)1111
Avge close time (mins)105189165103

Our latest TrustPilot customer review reads:

We have been using iiko for a while now…

We have been using iiko for a while now across our franchise system.

The one thing thats sets iiko apart from all the others is their support. Quick and accurate responses to any given situation.

The one previous to that was pretty cool too:

Superb ROI from start to ongoing support…

From quoting, onboarding and then support iiko have been faultless. The clarity of their quote, ease at communicating with them helped us decide on the right system for our small business – which was going from paper and pen to POS in one big move! Training was daunting as it was all new but we were soon up and running with hardware that was easy to install and intuitive software to help set us up.

What has been most impressive is the support via Telegram. Literally I have stood at the till and pinged a query to them, only to have it solved in minutes. Every time, without question, they are approachable, efficient and helpful. So much easier than telephone support. They have helped personalise the system to make it work best for us – taking ‘over’ the control screen to add bits and bobs as requested. The ongoing training and support from the training team has been really useful as well and we feel iiko care that their system works best for us. It has made staff feel at ease and confident using the system.

Overall, for price, quality of service and overall ROI on our business iiko has been the perfect fit.

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