iiko smashes commercial targets for the second time in 2021

iiko Group has broken its quarterly commercial targets for the second time in 2021, signifying its successive and sustained growth in the hospitality sector.

4,185 new customers installed iiko in Apr-Jun 2021. The number of live customers increased 37% to 38,214 clients comparing to Q2 2020.

The company’s quarterly figures show that revenue reached 122% of the target and 2,4 times higher than Q2 2020. Gross profit was 127% of the target and 2,1 times higher than the last year result. Net profit was 2,8 times higher than planned and the company invested an additional 2m USD of excessive profits over the quarters into new products and further expansion.

Roman Avramov, CEO of iiko said: “iiko is committed to innovation and developing its products, including through the application of new technologies, to make restaurant automation faster, smarter and easier.”

Other key company highlights included, the release of iiko v.7.6 in April with a host of new features and handy tools; XI Annual Partner Conference where over 1,000 iiko partners and resellers attended; and 37 new colleagues joined the global team which is now 253 strong.

“To break our quarterly sales record for the second time in 2021 clearly shows that we are not only growing our business, but that we are growing it sustainably by developing our customer relationships and consistently delivering impressive performance,” continued Roman.