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disparate data
Manage your
cash position
Troubleshoot and
fix errors
Get actionable insights when you need them

Eliminate Disparate Data

iiko is an all-in-one platform that enables you to manage sales, payroll, inventory and expense data in real time. This delivers a single version of the truth to make informed and timely business decisions. Now you can get your P&L, balance sheet and cashflow reports even before month end!

Ask yourself...

Can you see all your business data in one place?

How often do you see your P&L report?

Do you make decisions without critical P&L information?

Manage Your Cash Position

With iiko you can easily manage your revenue and payment schedules and keep ahead of spending commitments. This enables you to align your expense plans with your revenue expectations. Finally, you can be confident in making decisions. Is it time to open your next store?

Ask yourself...

Do you spend blindly and ever find yourself out of cash?

How do you keep track of supplier payment terms?

Who is managing your budget and payments schedule?

Troubleshoot And Fix Errors

With iiko you get real-time access to your P&L and can instantly drill down to the source of each transaction. Any input errors you find can be easily corrected on-the-spot having an immediate effect on the P&L. This provides you with complete confidence in your financial data.

Ask yourself...

How often do you find input errors in your inventory data?

How long does it take to fix those errors?

Are you sure you can trust your P&L?

Get Actionable Insights When You Need Them

iiko AI helps to unlock new insights and create more intelligent processes. Order approval, shipment acceptance or pending inventory checks, iiko will reach out to you when your attention is most required. Also, you get daily and weekly store status digests automatically sent to you to ensure you stay up-to-date with business performance, no matter how many stores you manage.

Ask yourself...

How much time do you spend juggling reports?

Are you lost wading through a mountain of data?

How often do you discover critical information after-the-event?

It's time to make informed decisions.

Improve growth potential
Cash shortages or excessive fund stashes will not slow down new openings anymore.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses
Obtain a full picture of your business performance in real time with no administrative overhead.

Reduce human error and bias
Make confident decisions based on accurate and timely financial data.

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