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Establish an
incentive program
Improve transparency
of goals
Calculate & track
Promote upsell

establish an incentive program

iiko enables you to create a bonus system that makes sense for your business. You can set performance criteria and incentives for both sales staff (e.g. waiters) and non-sales staff (e.g. chefs) and schedule any changes. Your team members will always know their goals and you only pay bonuses when business is good.

Ask yourself...

What drives your team to work efficiently?

Are there defined targets for each team member?

How do you manage changes across sites?

improve transparency of goals

With iiko, you can electronically engage with staff across multi-sites as soon as they clock-in with a personal page that includes a news feed, motivation programs, work schedule and notifications. At any time, you can be sure that staff know their goals, current performance and rewards.

Ask yourself...

Does your team know their goals?

How do you let team members know of their incentives?

What's the next level of performance you are looking for?

calculate & track incentives

iiko automatically calculates team member bonuses; whether that be based on a percentage of sales, per sale, based on a designated sum, or a range of other special motivation and rewards programs. iiko’s intelligent reporting tracks these efforts and offers insight into granular, real-time data to enable transparency and drive decisions.

Ask yourself...

How much time does it take to calculate bonuses?

How often are team members confused with the result?

How often are there mistakes?

promote upsell opportunities

iiko automatically prompts staff to promote meal deals and combo deals to increase sales. Servers are made aware with suggested items and a specials pop up as they are inputting orders. Behind the scenes it does the maths, so you don’t have to. You can also create a contest between servers and use a digital leadership board to promote competition!

Ask yourself...

Is your staff aware of pricier options and add-ons?

Do staff make the effort to promote upsell options?

How much extra sales come from combos and discounts?

It's time to improve your staff performance.

Reduce cost
Automatically calculate incentives & eliminate over payments & errors.

Increase efficiency
Improve team morale & eliminate frustration with clear goals & rewards.

Improve growth potential
Maintain standards with a systematic approach to team motivation.

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