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iiCan Improve Kitchen Team Efficiency

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Track all kitchen production stages
Understand how many batches are needed
Enable takeaway customers to see their orders
Ensure prepared items are served promptly

track all kitchen production stages

iiko is easy to use and supports how your team operates. It improves communication by displaying orders and their statuses instantaneously while eliminating paper in the kitchen. In real time, you can see all stages timings, the variance between actual and standard times, compare kitchen efficiency between shifts and stores, and more.

Ask yourself...

How do you track multiple stages of production for your menu items?

How do you measure efficiency of each kitchen department?

How does your floor manager know they need more/less hands in a certain department?

understand how many batches are needed

iiko automatically prepares your chefs for the day ahead. In the morning, they can obtain an hourly breakdown of batches to prepare in order to meet forecasted demand. The kitchen team can reflect batch preparation as its conducted and send an expired batch to waste in the system, in real time.

Ask yourself...

How do your chefs know how to prepare for sales?

How long does it take to create preparation plans?

How is the waste of batches tracked?

enable takeaway customers to see their orders

iiko is designed to increase visibility and control. It ensures transparency of order status during all its preparation stages – no matter the volume of orders taken. Customers can see their order status on a screen and get notified when their order is ready to improve the service experience.

ensure prepared items are served promptly

With iiko, staff productivity and communication are improved. Every order is sent to and from the kitchen in a highly efficient operational flow – no matter how customised it is. Waiters can easily combine items into courses and are notified when orders are ready and when a customer needs them. This reduces wait times.

Ask yourself...

How many simultaneous orders do you process during lunch/dinner?

How does the kitchen inform customers that an order is ready?

Are customers aware of their order status?

It's time to improve your kitchen team efficiency.

Increase sales
Improve service levels. Eliminate out-of-stock lists from inaccurate preparation.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses
Reduce batch waste and the cost of tracking inventory.

Improve growth potential
Real-time data helps to improve control and maintain quality of food and service.

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