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iiCan Control Multi-store Business

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Improve data accuracy
& eliminate errors
Maintain uniformity
of processes
Optimise ordering
& inventory control
Make disparate teams
feel well-connected

improve data accuracy & eliminate errors

With iiko you get access to a real-time P&L and balance sheet for all stores/each store. You can drill down to see purchases, stock levels and waste. You can also easily compare business KPIs across stores with reassurance that the data is accurate and reliable.

Ask yourself...

How much time does it take to get financial data for all stores?

How do you control purchasing prices?

How do you make sure ingredients/recipes are unified?

maintain uniformity of processes

When implementing new standards, iiko enables to centrally manage and schedule menu/recipe changes and immediately see the result of those changes (sales of new items, change in food cost, etc). You can see every store figure in real-time and advise franchisees on better practices when they need it.

Ask yourself...

How do you ensure your franchisees sell only what they should do?

How quickly can you implement menu changes/loyalty programs/recipe changes?

Can you define and easily control quality of standards (e.g. speed of service)?

optimise ordering & inventory control

With iiko, you obtain real-time visibility and control of the end-to-end purchase to pay and inventory management cycle across all your stores – giving you live updates on deliveries, stock values, purchase liability, purchase approvals and stock transfers. This saves time, money and mismanagement.

Ask yourself...

Do you have visibility of inventory movements in the business?

How do you keep a strict eye on cash and prevent wastage and theft?

How up to date are your administration tasks?

make disparate teams feel well-connected

With iiko, you can electronically engage with staff across multi-sites as soon as they clock-in with a personal page that includes a news feed, motivation programs, work schedule and notifications. At any time, you can be sure that staff know their goals, current performance and rewards.

Ask yourself...

Does your team know the current position?

How do you let team members know of their incentives?

What’s the next level of performance you are looking for?

It's time to take control of your multi-store business.

Increase revenue
Ensure offers are consistent across all stores.

Reduce costs
Streamline configurations and the collecting and aggregating of data.

Eliminate theft & human error
Ensure stores can’t fiddle with sales data and mess with recipes/stock. Rely on accurate data.

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