100 TrustPilot Reviews

We have reached the milestone of 100 reviews on TrustPilot!

In fact, its actually 102 at the time of writing. Knowing that our clients love what we do means the world to us.

Our latest review reads:

Happy, happy, happy!

Having experienced no end of problems with the software and customer service from our previous POS provider we have been extremely happy with the set-up, software and ongoing service from iiko. The initial online demonstration gave us confidence with the ease of use. After providing our business information via the templates supplied, the set-up was guided perfectly with photos to ensure a streamlined transition, and we were up and running within an hour.

The ongoing support via telegram messenger has been a godsend and we only wish we had been able to tap into this valuable service sooner.

We feel completely at ease moving forward with this side of our business taken care of, and we would highly recommend iiko.

To summarise, iiko is maybe more expensive than other systems. However, we feel the added value to our business more than cancels out the initial outlay..

The one before that was pretty cool too…

Forget any other EPOS system – iiko delivers on all levels

I purchased a cafe in July 2020, and it did not have any till system in place. I had no reports to go on, I had no idea what I was selling.

I needed a system that could help me manage my stock, my team, offer online sales and delivery, manage my cash flow and be able to see all my reports whilst I was out of the cafe.

I did my research, and I decided to go with iiko – and I cannot fault them. Every part of my journey has been fantastic. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am over the moon with what I have in place. It ticks all the boxes and more.

I have been working with several people at iiko, they are totally on it at all times. If you need an answer you can reach someone so easily and things get dealt with. They have totally exceeded my expectations. There is always someone to help you.

I also know that as my business grows, so will my use of iiko – I am only scratching the surface of its capability. Which given where we are, and the challenges we face is brilliant – I know that it will continue to support my business as it grows in the future.

Using iiko has improved my business, given me more visibility and awareness and, helped me manage and plan for the future. Nothing is too much trouble and I really feel like my business is not only understood but is also is appreciated.

I would be more than happy to share my personal experiences with anyone who asks, and I would have no hesitation to recommend anyone looking to put a EPOS system into their business. I promise if you chose iiko it will be the best thing you do.

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