iiko transforms day-to-day operations restaurants, cafes, bars and pizza outlets around the world. We believe that restaurants, cafes and bars should not have to rely on labour-intensive manual processes or get stuck with poorly-fitting technologies that sell them short in so many areas.
With our cloud-based state-of-the-art technology, companies have the freedom to focus on their core business of providing great food, drink and service.

Out of our 180 staff, 80 professionals are devoted research and development, keeping iiko way ahead in the global marketplace. We're relentless about innovation, always looking to add fresh features that save time and money for our customers.
Our all-in-one system allows companies to:
Standardise, streamline and automate hundreds of micro tasks
Oversee staff scheduling, training and performance easily
Optimise inventory management and automate purchasing
Provide the best POS guest experience, promotions and upselling
Monitor detailed KPIs for every location
Save money, improve quality and grow profitably
As a cloud-based system iiko can be deployed quickly and is easy to use for everyone, from front-of-house waiting staff, to chefs in the kitchens, and managers in the back office.