Restaurant Chain
iiko makes it possible to manage a business of any size. All data on goods and cash flow is available online regardless of the size of the chain or number of franchisees.
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Uniform policy and standards

iiko will allow you maintain uniform standards and business policies, and make employees responsible for compliance. Changes can be made globally for the menu or marketing campaigns or can customized for the individual store.
Consider local specifics

If your recipes for the same item slightly differ from store to store - iiko will enable you to keep records using a single reference book. Recipes may have different versions as well to lower labor costs and make it easy to make changes and maintain stock balances.
Centralized procurement and stock control

iiko maintains kitchen storage for the required amount of product and sends purchase orders as necessary to replenish stock, significantly reducing cost and minimizing waste.
Centralized human resources

The combination of incentive programs and employee competition, combined with comprehensive control over labor costs ensures a consistently high level of service across the entire chain.
Commercial kitchen management

iiko uses centralized production to combine orders from multiple restaurants and arrange for delivery as needed. The system will also estimate consumption of product and prompts you to prepare required food on a daily basis.
Franchise management

iiko will collect data from franchisees to estimate royalties and ensures that production and marketing standards are met across the chain. iiko would ensure that your partner's stock is topped-up to support sales.
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