Pizza Restaurants
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in real-time! All the required data is at your fingertips!
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iiko – is a united solution which incorporates all the necessary tools for a successful control over the restaurant business.
Pizzas can be built to order, either by mixing multiple recipes or custom built by the customer. You set up the list of items and iiko will calculate the price.
User-friendly builder
You are able to add or remove ingredients, change crust types, and make other changes through the quick and easy pizza builder on the POS. The builder will calculate upcharges and additions which are customizable by store.
Delivery and pickup
Whether a customer chooses delivery or take out, iiko can accommodate
multiple platforms for ordering; mobile apps, website, phone or other means.
iiko will push the order through the process effectively and quickly for
the best customer experience.
Web-office for restaurants
iiko makes regular operations easier, provides efficient planning and controls all the stores of your chain delivering the actual data for analysis. You don't need an office computer – all the necessary tools are available online in your personal account.
Easy to plan resources

Basing on the sales of previous periods iiko can come up with a forecast of
upcoming periods which helps you to plan the operations of your store. The plan confirmed by you will be transformed to a set of tasks for your staff.
Kitchen becomes more efficient

No rush hour at the kitchen – iiko knows how much products do you need and what needs to be prepared in advance. Bsing on the season, day and peak hours it plans hourly operations of the kitchen and you spare by reducing the consts.
Boost your sales

Arrange a sales competition with a bonus at stake. Each team member sees his rating on iikoUpsellDashboard screen. The competition becomes hard and you get a significant sales growth and analytics by each employee.
Precise cash accounting

Opening and closing a cash shift in iiko is very easy. During the control counting all you need is to input the number of banknotes. iiko will calculate the final amount and record that information in the financial module.
Inventory check at a speed of light
All you need is good content and some taste. Contemporary look and high flexibility makes them handy and applicable for any kind of content.
Manage your stock balance

Your stock will be full exactly to the amount necessary to support your sales. Basing on the sales forecast iiko arranges the order for necessary goods, all you need is to confirm that. When the order is received – all the paperwork
is done automatically.
Actual reporting and analytics

Visiting your iiko account you'll see graphic diagrams with key indicators of your restaurant to be able to quickly estimate the situation. For a deeper analysis there're reports based on actual online data.
Your staff performs at its best

A wall mounted iikoDashboard shows the actual sales data, delivery efficiency, average check and other indicators of your chain. Your employees see their
results and compare them to that of their colleagues to work even better.
Your business is at your fingertips

You don't have to constantly check your reports to be aware of important events. iiko informs you on discrepancies in planned indicators or failures in the workflow via messengers, e-mail or your mobile app.
Loyalty management
iiko can implement loyalty programs for both individual stores and across the chain and analyze results and assess the effectiveness of each campaign. You are able to see how much your customers spend and what items they prefer at any time.
Loyalty points and discounts
iiko can set progressive discounts and loyalty points that are customized to the number of visits and the amount spent. You can create loyalty thresholds and programs to encourage your customers to come back often and spend more.
Marketing campaigns
With our user-friendly toolkit, marketing campaigns, and special offers can easily be set up; including happy hours daily specials, seasonal specials, bonus points and even special event gifts.

iiko recognizes your patrons at first sight
For customers registered with the loyalty program an integrated facial
recognition tools allow the system to recognize your customers and give
information about bonus points or loyalty information for a personalized experience.
Guest information
The order history, visiting frequency, and personal information is available online for both individual stores and chains, allowing you to pay personal attention to your guests.
Try iiko and you won't imagine your business without it! :)
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