Restaurant chains

Profits up, costs down

Centralized financial, material and human resources management provides a significant reduction in costs and increased profits. Real-time consolidated financial and warehouse reports help raising business efficiency. Comparative analysis of indicators in restaurant activities lets you sort out the most successful ones and improve them. Comparative analysis also helps to identify the drawbacks which are to be changed in order to gain more profit for a company.

Real control over the chain

Detailed information on finances, personnel, sales, table reservations and stock of the entire chain or individual store is available in real time in any place. It might be either order, bill or consignment note. Each dollar earned will be under your control, and not a single cent spent will remain unattended.

Replicate your business

Restaurant chain automation service standards, new prices and special offers are sent instantly from the central office to all restaurants and become effective automatically at the designated time. Due to automatic consolidation of orders from restaurants, forming tasks for production and distribution of it to separated restaurants lets you effectively control production facilities.

Logistics and centralized production expansion

Automatic consolidation of accountability assists you to reduce costs of the current activity effectively and open up new projects. Due to reference books, recipes and standards you can launch a new restaurant of your chain as soon as possible in any faraway region or help your franchise – partners.


Restaurant chain central office

  • Geographically distributed chain management: unified directories and standards
  • Realtime chain operation monitoring from a central office or via the Internet
  • Support for implementation of marketing promo actions and special offers
  • Consolidated management and financial reporting available in real time
  • Centralized personnel and payroll management, motivation scheme support
  • Absentee management system, schedule planning and built in mechanisms of payroll tax
  • Detailed information from any restaurant in the chain which includes an individual delivery note, bill or order
  • Comparative analysis of the financial indicators of chain restaurants
  • Mutual settlement of accounts, goodsflow among the network organizations
  • Centralized purchase of products and supplier relations management
  • Comparative analysis of purchase and sales
  • Keeping a unified stock list, menus and cards with recipes with the ability to correct when it is necessary
  • Automatic list of dangerous and problem transactions
  • Automatic synchronization of data during connection recovery after network downtime

Production and distribution facilities and logistics

  • Forming and taking orders from restaurants for processing
  • Consolidated order processing
  • Task allocation by shops and shifts
  • Calculation of requirement for raw materials and stock level control
  • Sufficient supply of raw materials for the production units
  • Taking orders and preparation for shipment for delivery to the chain restaurants
  • Automatic formation of delivery documentation
  • Finished product delivery management
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory management and shelf life control
  • Versioning of cards with recipe and dish cost analysis
  • Optimization of production and finished product delivery costs

Individual restaurants

  • Pricing and menu generation
  • Sending order to the central unit
  • The use of different versions of recipes
  • Participation in global loyalty programmes

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