Quick Service

More Profit

With iiko you can significantly improve the quality of your service, reduce the expenses and increase the profit thanks to the unique tools for staff management and motivation scheme constructor, which is integrated with a remote control over the events in the restaurant and effective self-cost optimization.

Service faster

The speed of servicing increases many times thanks to well-designed iiko screens enabling to avoid queues even in the hottest rush hours. A unique system functionality developed especially for the Quick-service restaurants and corporative catering has drawn the leading market players to iiko-users.

Transparent business

Any report on staff, finances or warehouse is available upon a click from any place in the world and is formed on a basis of actual data, which helps you to make correct decisions. Thanks to a unique architecture, which integrates all the business-processes in a unified system – you can turn your business to a stable business-machine, which will work like a clock.

Scalable business

Successful Quick-service concepts develop fast and become chain projects. Powerful functionality of iiko allows you to replicate your business without losing control and efficiency and also guarantee centralized operative control over new outlets.


iiko for a cashier

  • Adjustable payment types: cash, credit, bank or bonus card, voucher, staff catering
  • Convenient inventory with the help of Front-office
  • Building dishes at Cash-register
  • Off-site trade, online data exchange
  • Mobile terminals and self-service terminals
  • Integration with Plas-Tech and Pulsar payment systems
  • Automatic transaction reconciliation, detection of differences
  • Support of all popular printers, customer displays, kitchen displays and weighing machines
  • Personal shifts, control cash recount
  • Gift vouchers, flexible discount schemes

iiko for a cook

  • Comfortable nomenclature interface (goods, dishes, semiproducts, modifiers)
  • Processing reports, automatic offtake reports
  • History of recipes change (printable in different formats)
  • Automatic calculation, group self-cost analysis
  • Creation of complex dishes (dish in a dish)
  • Accounting dishes by categories
  • Automatic calculation of nutritional value
  • Comfortable scheme for control of buffet lunch
  • Issuing the cooked dishes control, bar-codes

iiko for manager

  • Sales reports by cash-resisters, days, time of day, cards
  • Speed and quality
  • Sales reports by tills, dishes, days, time of day, cards
  • Speed and quality of order serving
  • Flexible salary calculation: fixed wage, hourly wage, revenue percentage, bonuses
  • Creating the timetable in accordance with the planned covers
  • Automatic daily attendance record and salary for actual working time, tardiness penalties
  • Employee`s personal page: information about sales, personal attendance report, bonus and penalty log
  • Report on labor cost
  • Event-connected video surveillance, employee`s photo comparison

iiko for an accountant

  • Accounts plan, cash book, balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Calculation and salary payment
  • Material inventory, operations
  • Contractors mutual payments accounting
  • Unique mechanics of exporting the data to third-party accounting systems

iiko for manager

  • Actual information about sales, staff, goods and cash flow online from any place in the world
  • Remote control of the restaurant: event-connected surveillance and live video
  • All the operational reports online: balance, P&L, cash flow report
  • Operational reporting at your smartphone
  • Procurement prices control, supplier analysis
  • Motivation schemes and abuse control
  • Self-cost control, kitchen and stock control, products losses reduction
  • Online goods-flow accounting
  • Spot inventory on selected goods
  • Online inventory without stopping the work process

The Price for the Software and also the implementation, training and support you can find out from our professional consultants. We are always happy to help you. Feel free to contact us.