iikoRMS gives the owner or the manager of the restaurant to see a broad picture of their business, its history and statistics, which allows them to receive information about important problems in advance, situations and events.

Additional capabilities: delivery service, bonus system, automated input of way bills, control of the music in the restaurant and control of the infrastructure of the enterprise. The restaurants, which use iikoRMS can be incorporated into a big chain with the help of iikoChain.

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Capabilities of iikoRMS


  • Comfortable order input through customizable menu and options
  • Simply divide, combine and transfer dishes and tables
  • Control tables and their information online
  • See how fast and well do your waiters execute orders
  • Screen key board used to send special requests to the kitchen
  • Automatic division of the bill by guests
  • Sales reports: by waiters, dishes, days, time of day, club cards


  • Banquet orders
  • Dish service wishes
  • Prepaid orders, final calculation
  • Restaurant`s logo on the iiko Hostess` screen
  • All the reservation son the room plan and as a list
  • User-friendly and efficient interface which aims to edit schemes of halls
  • One click printout of reserve lists during the day
  • Flexible system of notification (reserves)
  • Possibility to choose name and telephone number of a guest from the list of guests who have reserved table beforehand
  • Analysis of reserves for any period of time


  • Flexible types of payment: cash, credit card, VIP, food for employees
  • Prepayment and final payment with guests
  • Cancellation and return of payments
  • Payment can be carried out in a background mode without blocking work of a cashier
  • Integration with Plas-Tek and Pulsar payment systems
  • Integration with hotel systems
  • Automatic verification of transactions aimed at revealing some discrepancies
  • All popular models of fiscal registrar are supported


  • Controlling online flow of goods
  • Inventory for a certain product
  • Online inventory with out any stop pages of system
  • In order to carry out inventory in bar you will simply need to weight a bottle without the need to pour from one bottle to another
  • Control over stocks in warehouse
  • Control over purchasing prices


  • User friendly interface with nomenclature (goods, products, dishes, procurements, characteristics)
  • Print out of recipes in all possible formats
  • Analysis of cost price
  • Creation of complex dishes (dish in a dish)


  • Online reporting in accordance with IFRS (balance, profit and loss Statement, cash flow analysis an so on)
  • Budgeting and finance planning
  • Salary calculation, cash operations
  • Payment operations with guests and suppliers
  • Integration with tax accounting systems


  • Flexible system of payment: percentage from profit, hourly wage
  • Automated system of working time planning
  • System controls the time when an employee comes and leaves penalties for being late
  • Wages calculation, payroll record


  • Personal account for each employee: information about sales, personal shifts, penalties and bonuses
  • Screen messages about events and special offers
  • Reporting on volume of sales and labour costs for each employee


  • It is possible to recover fragment based video episodes with the help of check number, name of operation, guest, waiter
  • Storage of video archives from 10 up to 20 video cameras within 90 days
  • Online video
  • Multilevel password system and large scale system of access rights for all significant business operations
  • Data protection system aimed at preventing unauthorized access

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