Delivery service

Having created a successful restaurant many of entrepreneurs would have a thought to organize delivery service. It is been widely known that delivery service helps to gain profit and besides it gives customers an extra service, which is being a perfectly useful thing for attracting guests. How is that possible to increase your profit? There is an answer – iiko. Taken into consideration an integrated iiko solution system the functionality of your delivery service will become more effective and will amaze your clients with quality, speed and convenience of the service.

iikoDelivery functionality

For owners

  • Convenient reporting for delivery service as a part of the business
  • Chance to fix the menu for each delivery point
  • Unique mechanism of exporting data into accounting programs
  • Loyalty management and marketing actions – with the help of
  • Reporting on service time, cause of a failure, delivery delays
  • Marketing actions, text messages, reporting on marketing (iiko.Biz portal)
  • Special plugged in devices to take an order for delivery service on the web site of a restaurant
  • Integration with delivery portals (for example, Delivery club)
  • The possibility to support catering conception and «takeaway food» mode
  • Sales analysis, inventory reporting
  • Accounting the source of orders

For delivery manager

  • Status of order
  • Reporting on couriers
  • Order accountability for up sale
  • Call center provides you with new orders in real time
  • The possibility to order products for future deliveries

For call center operator

  • While taking an order it is possible to see an address of a client on the map with pictured zones of delivery service
  • Status of order
  • Order accountability for up sale
  • Reporting on streets, clients, dishes etc.

For clients

  • Taking an order is quick due to keeping accountability
  • It is impossible to decline an order when it has already been taken (thanks to quick updated Stop list)
  • Bonuses, gifts, discounts
  • It is convenient to follow up a status of your order on the internet

What you win while using iiko?

Control over business

iikoDelivery solution works in a common information space of iiko therefore all the information about orders is available in real time : sales, goodsflow, cost price, course management process. The owner has access to reporting on service time, cause of a failure, delivery delays, work of the personnel.

Profits up

iiko helps to decrease costs significantly and work constantly without being stopped. That is all possible due to the absence of human factor mistakes and the integration of business processes. Pricing, Inventory control, personnel management and financial analysis combined in one solution allows for transparent and operation of restaurants featuring food delivery.

Quality and speed of service grow

While taking an order for delivery it is possible to use a separate terminal or a terminal from a restaurant (in a special mode) in case there are not many orders. There are two ways to take an order: telephone and internet. A special widget is made for carrying it out which is easily integrated into the web site of the restaurant for delivery service. It is impossible to decline an order when it has already been taken. A stop list is always actual and available for delivery manager.

Clients are delighted

Call center operator can see a status of order and constantly control a situation. Thanks to saved reporting on orders you always have information about a client – you may surprise a client with remembering his or her favorite dishes and preferences in delivery service. Besides iikoDelivery deals with a single base for guests of a restaurant. That’s why an operator has access to the information about a guest who has had a banquet and reserved a table.

Higher profit

What is the best way to make guests use your delivery service and recommend your restaurant to friends? Having set iiko.NET you will get bonuses for each visit to a restaurant or for using delivery service of iiko. As a result guests are likely to spend these bonuses in your restaurant and if they invite friends then there will be bonuses as percent from an order amount! Guests will advertise your restaurant in social networks so you have got the chance to attract clients who have never used your services before.

Support of network conception

If you have a chain of restaurants it is necessary to have a module iikoCallCentre which would provide for efficient taking and distribution of orders. Call center operator quickly chooses a restaurant where an order is to be processed: while typing in an address the system shows the place where a client is. It is also possible to see a status of an order. As a result everything is under control and you see online necessary reporting in delivery service.

The Price for the Software and also the implementation, training and support you can find out from our professional consultants. We are always happy to help you. Feel free to contact us.