Cafe & Bar

More profit

The iiko next generation solution both automates cash flow and warehouse operations and provides full scale finance and payroll management, attracts guests, trains and motivates your staff, monitors purchase prices and much more. iiko increases profit and decreases costs every day and every minute.

Less concerns

iiko is an ideal assistant, whom you are likely to entrust management of your restaurant while you are away. Taking into consideration a wide range of remote business management tools all you need is a laptop with Internet connection to be always aware of the situation in your restaurant. Any time, any place.


You will ensure absolute transparency of your business and can save up to 20 % of circulating assets due to centralized management of sales, warehouse, finance and staff! The site automation project will pay off at maximum within 4 months and you will start making more money.

Simple and convenient

iiko is a user friendly solution: servers can master the system in a matter of hours and back office employees get rid of time consuming routine tasks that required manual operation. Having worked with iiko for a while, you will quickly forget how you managed to deal without it!


iiko for waiters

  • Convenient order entry: quick menu, dish courses, modifiers
  • Support of waiter mobile terminals
  • Dish and table splitting, joining and moving
  • Automation of such services as billiards, bowling, karaoke etc.
  • Automatic splitting of a check among guests
  • Booking and banquets, and recording the wishes of guests
  • Prepayment and final payment
  • Loading your logo onto the dining hall layout plan
  • Convenient and flexible system of notification about upcoming reservations
  • Ability to choose guest name and phone from the list of guests who have previously booked tables

iiko for bartender and cashiers

  • Online Information about order status
  • Monitoring of speed and quality of order performance
  • Adjustable payment types: cash, credit, bank or bonus card, food for employees
  • Support of payment cancellations and returns
  • Integration with different payment systems
  • Automatic transaction reconciliation to find discrepancies
  • Support for popular models of printers, weights, fiscal printers and other equipment
  • Personal cashbox shift accounting
  • Control recount of money in the box
  • Inventory count of drinks in the bar by weight with the bottle without liquid pouring from open bottles

iiko for Chefs

  • User friendly interface for working with the stock list (goods, dishes, batches, modifiers)
  • Storage of the history of changes to process cards and their printing in different formats
  • Automatic cost calculation and analysis
  • Creation of complex dishes (dish in a dish)
  • Accounting of dishes by categories
  • Calculation of nutritional and energy value of dishes
  • Unique mechanism of Buffet dish accounting
  • Processing certificates, automatic sales certificates

iiko for accountants

  • Chart of accounts, cashbook, balance sheet
  • Cash flow and accounting
  • Salary calculation and payment
  • Material resources accounting, operations
  • Analysis of status of settlements with contractors
  • Universal data exchange interface with external systems

iiko for managers

  • Up to date and complete online reporting on sales, personnel, cash flow and goods flow
  • Remote monitoring of what is going on in the restaurant: event based video surveillance and live video
  • All management reporting in accordance with IFRS: realtime P&L, balance, cash flow analysis
  • Reporting on the screen of a cellphone
  • Sales reports by waiter, dish, day, time of day and club cards
  • Up to date list of reserves and stats analysis
  • Gift certificates and flexible discount algorithms
  • Flexible payroll calculation system: salary, hourly pay, percentage from own sale and bonuses
  • Scheduling in accordance with the establishment`s planned workload, optimization of payroll tax
  • Automatic accounting and payment for actual hours worked, money penalties for being late
  • Personal page for each employee: sales report, work schedule, incentives and penalties
  • Personnel cost reports and sales volume per each employee
  • Real-time stock&store management
  • Inventory check by selected goods
  • Inventory count at any moment without stopping the work process
  • Supplier relations management
  • Control of inventory balance
  • Goods-flow analysis, operations reporting
  • Cost management, kitchen control, decrease of losses due to product spoiling
  • Creation of reports to demonstrate business results in the necessary cross section with the help of OLAP reports
  • Reliability and safety: access rights allocation, data protection

The Price for the Software and also the implementation, training and support you can find out from our professional consultants. We are always happy to help you. Feel free to contact us.