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Why iiko?
iiko is a reliable solution that be used in all types of outlets, from small bars and coffee shops to large restaurant chains and fine dining. Some of the reasons restaurant owners choose iiko:
All the restaurant management tools come out-of-the-box
iiko is a centralized system designed to manage sales, stock, delivery, staff, finances, suppliers, customer loyalty, or anything you need to run your business effectively.
Get updates online
Since all data is processed by a single system, you are able to obtain
information on revenue, costs, stock balances, finances, and employee management online, allowing you to take action as needed no matter where you are.
Manage restaurant chains
If you have multiple locations iiko will automatically consolidate all
accounting records in real-time. You are able to manage your company's policies, standards, staff, purchases, production marketing and supervise your franchisees all in one system.
Create your own apps
Use iikoAPI to plug in additional modules, including those that have been
developed specially for you - unique mobile apps for staff and customers,
additional marketing tools, dedicated web widgets and many more.
iiko can be either cloud based or hosted locally.
Either purchase a license or rent the software, the choice is yours.
About us
iiko company deals with development of innovative systems for HoReCa industry. iiko solutions are based on unique integration of all business processes monitored in real time. Comprehensible management accounts, wages and motivation of staff, music in your restaurant – that is not a full list of what iiko will provide you with.

The company iiko was founded by IT enterpreneurs David Young (founder of ABBYY world known by its products Lingvo and FineReader) and Max Nalsky (founder of Fingrad and iiko succeeded in building a management system of the new generation for restaurants taken into consideration clear understanding of what restaurateurs need, wide experience of developing successful IT solutions. The new iiko solution assists you to control financial, material and human resources and decrease costs and gain profit and resist illegal use of personnel. The new iiko solution lets you considerably decrease costs, gain profit, effectively resist illegal use of personnel and adequately control financial, material, human resources. High-powered tools of iiko have been widely used at the market. Therefore iiko company has been rapidly growing recently and exceeded the indicators of the market in the sphere of HoReCaup many times.
20 000

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More than 20 000 restaurants in 29 countries already use iiko
Try iiko and you won't imagine your business without it! :)
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